Words by John Mazzarella
Photos by Jeff Burk and Ro McGonegal

Anyone who has called himself a hot rodder anytime during the
last 50 years knows the name Mopar, and if you’ve ever bought
any drag racing suspension or drive train components then you
are also familiar with the Strange Engineering brand. All of which
brings us to one of drag racing’s true characters, John “Mazz”
Mazzarella, and his conversion from being a Chevy freak to seeing
the light and joining the Pentastar posse.

Just last year, after more than a quarter-century as the Strange
Engineering PR guy, advertising guru, racing consultant and occasional
bus driver for the stars, Mazz took retirement to sunny South Florida, got
married, and decided to give himself his own retirement gift in the form of a new Dodge truck. But this isn’t just any Dodge truck. Mazz went after the mother of all Dodge trucks: a 2005 Dodge SRT-10, one of 500 Yellow Fever hemi-honkers.

We will allow Mazzarella to pick up the story of his search for the “Yellow Grail” in his own words.