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During the Sixties Chrysler manufactured hundreds of thousands of Valiants in Australia but they never brought the Plymouth Barracuda into this county. John Tilley always had a soft spot for this particular car and with the mother company not bothering he finally imported one to race down under himself.

This ’64 Plymouth Formula S Barracuda is only one of an estimated four such cars in the great southern land and is the only one racing here. Tilley’s Racing specialises in Chrysler Performance parts and service, and as such they wanted to race a car that reflected that heritage.

How they finally purchased this car is a story in itself. “In 1990 I became aware of this car being for sale when a friend of mine came back from Los Angeles, and we ended up making an offer for it. It was a very low mileage car (the car only now has 30,000 miles on the clock) and was owned by a doctor. He had purchased the car for his wife and she hadobviously not put a lot of miles on it,” John explained.

“When my friend approached the doctor about purchasing the car he was horrified by the fact that we were going to race it and said no, so we went back to the drawing board. In the end we just sent someone else around to see him and didn’t give the good Doc any clue that he was purchasing for that purpose. He ended up doing the deal and we shipped it back to Sydney,” he went on to say.

When I did a bit of research on the Formula S version of the Barracuda one site stated that this was only an option from the 1965 model onwards, however John says that the car was originally purchased in December ’64 with the optional Formula S pack. He removed the 150-mph Speedo and replaced it with an Australian one instead when he went about the rebuilt.

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