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The new 1970 Swinger 340 was the top performance model in Dodge A-body line-up. It would be superceded by the Demon at the start of 1971 model year.

While big inch iron was rule rather than the exception by 1970, there were options for buyers who didn’t need all that displacement but still wanted a musclecar. Across the board,  some terrific packages arrived with the enw decade. For instance, Don Yenko put the new LT1 Camaro engine into a run of COPO Novas, which he called the Yenko Deuce. Ford debuted a new model called the Maverick, and Plymouth had a hot one in the new Rapid Transit System called the Duster. Dodge was also in on this market with their Swinger, which was part of the Dodge Scat Pack performance series.

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The 275-horse engine was a solid performer, but there was no fresh-air package connecting the two scoops to the engine.

We call this ‘bang-for-the-buck evidence’ – the 340 Swinger cost just over than 3200.00 new in 1970. It had been driven only 26,000 miles when we shot our photos.

Built on the Dart platform, the Swinger was available in several varieties – little old ladies could get them with the 225” Slant Six, your old man’s work car might have received a 318, and, if you wanted one with a little fire under the hood, the Swinger 340 was the package for you.

Inside, gear changes are handled via the wood-knobbed Hurst arm that comes up through the floor. A Rallye dash package with tach was standard with Swinger 340 models.