The Coyote Bothers Racing Team crew are used to high velocity and the unexpected when it comes to land speed racing. They got a little bit of both this year out on the unforgiving salt flats of Bonneville. After a successful shakeout run on the short course the crew rolled their green bird into the lanes for the long course with sights on besting their 186 MPH run the previous year. On this, the last run for Mopete at Speedweek 2006, driver Jim Scott shifted into fifth only to find the something in the clutch let go, and the flywheel come apart at over 200 MPH. The scatter shield did its job, but the vibration caused the oil pump drive belt to skip off its pulleys. The engine then suffered the instant horror of oil pressure failure at high RPM. Regardless of trouble, the fact that the Mopete went 193 in the first mile of the long course and over 200 out the back door is testament to the potential when things get sorted next time out. Crew chief Don Carroll was glad driver Jim made it through OK, and that the green bird put its previous best speed to rest.