Fifth Annual MoparMax Most Magnificent Awards

When we presented the first annual MoparMax Most Magnificent awards, California was having a very dry year. It turned out to be the first dry year in an epic drought that seemed endless. Year after year, we presented the awards and California got drier and drier. Fortunately for California, the MoparMax Most Magnificent awards have lasted longer than the dry years. While we’re not 100% out of the woods yet, this year’s winter storms have brought record rain and snow to the whole state.

As we debated this year’s awards we did so while scraping mud from our boots, something we only vaguely recall doing in the past. But there’s no mud among this year’s winners; they stand out from a crowded automotive aftermarket like the great pyramids stand out on the Giza plain.

Best Fuel System You Can Buy for an A-Body Mopar

Classic Industries Stainless Steel Mopar Fuel System


Here are all of the parts needed to replace your old, corroded fuel system on your classic A-body Mopar, Classic Industries’ stainless steel fuel tank, fuel line and other parts. You can read our full story here.

Way back in the day no one worried about alcohol in their gas tank unless they were bootleggers. Older Mopars rolled off the assembly line with galvanized metal fuel tanks and lines that were cheap to make and “good enough” for the job at hand. But to reduce the use of non-renewable fossil fuel resources, most pump gas these days has up to 10% of ethanol (alcohol) blended in. It takes serious weird science to do this; alcohol and gasoline get along about as well as Hilary and Donald. The problem is, while alcohol and gasoline hate each other, alcohol and water adore each other; they mix readily and eagerly. This means that moisture from the atmosphere and condensation gets into your fuel. This is highly corrosive on fuel systems which is why all modern vehicles have plastic fuel tanks and stainless steel fuel lines.

But what about your poor A-Body? On our project Millennial Duster the fuel system was so corroded that the fuel lines just plugged up with crud. We didn’t want to put in just any fuel tank; we wanted something that could stand up to the alcohol bully in today’s fuel. Enter Classic Industries. First to market with a stainless steel fuel tank, lines, and other fuel system parts made to hold up to blended gas. The parts are beautifully made, easy to install and will let you never think about your fuel system again. Thank you, Classic Industries.

Best Affordable Option for Great Looking Wheels for Your Ride

CalChrome Fusion Coating

For a fraction of the cost of new rims CalChrome’s new Fusion Coating can remake your wheels from mild to wild. You can read our detailed tech story here.

Show of hands: you would like some killer looking custom billet rims for their car or truck? OK, now keep your hand up if you can afford killer looking custom billet rims? I see almost all of you put your hands down. Well, we’re in the same boat, would love a new look for our vehicle, in this case our project Hardworking Hauler RAM 3500, but not a lot of coin in the bank account at the end of every month. But then we came across CalChrome of Valencia, California.

If you can’t afford high end wheels you might be tempted to buy cheap import wheels, some of which are just fine, but we’ve seen some things with low end import wheels that scared us away from even thinking of that option. We know our factory rims are strong enough for our power, torque and load capacity because RAM designed them for our truck. CalChrome starts with wheels and then remakes them so that you won’t recognize them when you get them back.

CalChrome starts with carefully stripping the finish off your wheels, then they use very sophisticated equipment to make sure that they’re perfectly round, straight and true and they remove blemishes while they’re at it. Their new Fusion Coating is NOT your father’s powder coating process. Our Fusion Coated rims look amazing, better than brand new. And the cost for this service is $150 wheels (add $25 for a clear Fusion Coat on top of the color coat). They do car, truck, motorcycle rims, hell they can do the rims on your trailer and your pit cart if you want. A high end new look for an affordable price. Hats off to CalChrome.