Just two weeks prior to NMCA WEST, the MOPAR MAX team scored their biggest victory by taking down the Modern Mopar Muscle title at Muscle Cars at the Strip in Las Vegas. Alex Rogeo drove ‘Maggie’ to low 10-second times which were too much for her ‘Hellcat’ competition and everyone else. Hard working Richard Kratz was rewarded for his efforts when the wagon jumped into the 9.80 range at Fontana, Calif., which is much closer to sea level. The crew gave kudos to the folks at Arrington Performance for the improved Hemi power.

Running on an eighth mile course, Pro Mods were in competition at NMCA WEST. This is the 426 style Hemi in Mark Moffat’s Pro Mod car. Mark could not hold off the Fords and settled for Pro Mod runner-up.