Mark and Janet Irving’s Superbird

Got Wing?

Mark and Janet Irving, of Spotsylvania, VA, have a multi-time winning Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) NASCAR inspired Plymouth Superbird. The Superbird concept was developed by the Chrysler brass to woo Richard Petty to Plymouth. The Superbird had a great amount of success in NASCAR, USAC, and ARCA as well as a limited amount of success in NHRA drag racing.

For Plymouth, the 1969 National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) season was one to forget. Except for two short track season opening wins in late 1968, the first win by Richard Petty in a ’68 Roadrunner at a 250-mile race in Macon, GA. and second win by Bobby Allison, also in a ’68 Roadrunner, at a 100-mile race in Montgomery, AL., the entire 1969 calendar year found Plymouth shut out of the winner’s circle. Including the two late 1968 races, there were 54 races total (five dirt tracks, 48 paved ovals, and one road course) that comprised the 1969 NASCAR season. Plymouth had even lost their star contract driver, Richard Petty, to NASCAR rival Ford mainly due to Plymouth’s lack of an aerodynamic car even though Dodge had managed to assemble one for their contract drivers. With his one win in a Plymouth, Petty went on to win nine more NASCAR events in 1969 finishing second in the season points standings in his Ford Torino Talladega.