MOPARS from a Bucket of Rust

During the months of May and June, we took leave and traveled across the USA from coast to coast. We started coverage at the annual ‘Rust Revival’ in Wayland, Mo. and so does this article for MOPAR MAX.

While I did manage the Tri State Dragway at Kahoka, Mo. for several seasons in the ‘60s, the ‘revival’ just seven miles away did not start until 2003. The huge event could be described as ‘organized chaos’.

This non-rusty restored 1938 MOPAR from Missouri could be the flagship of the event even without rust! The car was professionally restored and driven to the ‘revival’ as were many others in attendance.

DRO ‘Then & Now’ columnist was caught taking a photo of the Chrysler’s original Hub Cap from the seat of my electric roadster while wearing an Alex Rogeo shirt at the ‘revival’.