Fourth Annual MoparMax Most Magnificent Awards

I had a lot less gray hair when we wrote the first annual MoparMax Most Magnificent awards article. I’m not saying doing this magazine every month made my hair turn gray (although it could have contributed…) I’m just saying it’s startling to discover these four years have got behind us.

After days of often heated argument, cold coffee and stale doughnuts in the vast conference room at MoparMax world headquarters the winners were decided. OK, maybe the conference room is more virtual than vast…and maybe no one but us would consider our tiny cramped office to be a world headquarters, and we never eat doughnuts, and we really didn’t have any arguments, but the coffee really was cold. And my apologies to Earnest Hemingway on that last sentence.

The last paragraph aside, we really do take these awards seriously. We see an overwhelming number of products and services from hundreds of companies every year and the ones that make it into this magazine are the cream of the crop. And the ones we choose to anoint with the MoparMax Most Magnificent award are the best of the best. Congratulations to the winners, which are not just the companies which win the award, but also include all of us Mopar owners who benefit from their products and services.

Maybe The Best Drag Radials Money Can Buy


Mickey Thompson Tires introduced the new Pro Bracket Radial tire at the SEMA show in 2014. We had been struggling for two years to get the MoparMax project Maulin’ Magnum to hook after upgrading to a Magnuson blown Arrington Performance engine. All late model HEMI cars, whether street/strip or pure strip have one common flaw when it comes to drag racing, independent rear suspension. IRS is just less than ideal for weight transfer and is more prone to wheel hop/tire shake than solid axle suspensions. We had done a lot of work on the car and at the end of 2014 were getting semi-reliable traction on well prepped tracks, but we were less than happy.

When the MT crew told us that the Pro Bracket Radial had been designed for cars like ours, bigger, powerful automatic transmission track cars, we couldn’t wait to try them. We got one of the very sets produced and set out to test on Valentine’s Day, 2014 at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California. There was love in the air that day for sure, love for these magnificent new tires. We entered the racing season two weeks later with confidence. The Pro Bracket Radials let us play with shock settings and air pressures we couldn’t before and they stick so well that their tread might as well be made by Harry Potter and his cohorts. With our new setup and these tires, we can pretty much just pour on the power and know that we’ll hook. And hook.

Best Mopar Event West of the Pecos

We love MATS Las Vegas, officially it’s called Musclecars at The Strip Las Vegas, but everyone we know calls it Mopars at the Strip. Occurring in early spring every year at Las Vegas Motor Speedway MATSLV is the end all and be all Mopar event. Want to participate in or watch drag racing? There are more than a dozen classes of drag racing over three days. Want a Mopar car show? There are hundreds of awesome classic and late model cars competing in a whole bunch of categories. Autocross? Yep. Swap meet? Of course, and a large manufacturer’s midway with lots of good stuff.

But MATSLV is overall a blowout Mopar party with thousands of your best friends from all over North America (and a few from overseas). Every wristband entitles you to the Friday night concert at the Cannery Casino and Hotel a few miles from the speedway. Leave the snow, come to Las Vegas. There’s no better way to greet spring. And thank you to Phil and Jill Painter, still loyal to us Mopar fans and this event after all these years.