Product Review: AMP Research PowerStep Electric Powered Running Boards

We love our RAM truck. Project Hardworking Hauler is a 2014 RAM 3500 Cummins long bed crew cab dually. It was born to haul and tow huge loads with ease and in luxury. But there is no escaping the fact that our truck is big - really, really big. Even though it’s two wheel drive, it’s a tall vehicle and getting in and out of the truck is a bit of a climb. Driver and passengers end up doing pull-ups and stair climbs to enter the cab and sort of sliding off the side of the seat on exit, not very elegant and a bit hard on the interior.

We have used vehicles before with standard, fixed position running boards. These are always either too high and close to the rocker panels to provide more than an uncomfortable toehold or are large and wide enough to be comfortable to use, but end up hanging down and out so far that they are in the way and really unattractive.

Then one day we got to ride in our friend Jeff Paulin’s truck. He had electric powered running boards. We had tried some of these way back in the day (think, “Miami Vice” still in first run) and found them unreliable and rather flimsy. But not the ones on Jeff’s truck, they felt as solid as fixed running boards when you stood on them and Jeff told us that he’d had them on the truck for years and they had never given him any trouble at all. We noted the brand name, went home and got on the phone with AMP Research.

AMP Research, a division of Lund International, located in Tustin, California, engineers, designs and manufactures the PowerStep electric powered running boards. We love that everything in the kit is not only designed and made in the USA, AMP Research goes so far as to utilize local, California based suppliers for all parts and services not done in house (with the exception of the electric motors, they’re sourced from a German company).