Alex Rogeo racing the MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis, IL would have a lot more trouble accessing the 70 pound toolbox in the bed of the new MoparMax Project Hardworking Hauler RAM truck without a CargoGlide installed.

CargoGlide Sliding Truck Bed

There are some products that once you own and use them you can’t imagine what life was like without them. Smart phones, toasters, Kleenix, these are products in that category. For us now, so is the CargoGlide sliding truck bed.

Elsewhere in this issue you can read the vehicle review on our new 2014 RAM 3500 Cummins crew cab long bed dually pickup truck, Project Hardworking Hauler. The full description of the truck isn’t the only thing that is a tall order, so is the height of our truck bed. See the accompanying photo: Alex Rogeo is 5’ 3” tall and she’s barely taller than the top of the side of our truck bed. Richard Kratz is eight inches taller at six feet, but reaching into anywhere other than the corners of our truck is impossible for him too. We love the usefulness of a truck bed, but face it, getting stuff in and out can be a pain in the…

“You must be this tall to ride in this truck…” That’s the second joke we’ve made in this issue regarding Alex’s diminutive stature. But jokes aside, even six footers have trouble reaching stuff in the bed of a pickup truck.

Enter CargoGlide of St. George, Utah. This company makes a ready to bolt-in solution that is as useful and tough as your truck is. Designed and manufactured right at the Utah plant, when you order a CargoGlide for your truck it arrives fully assembled and ready to install—either to your door or to your installing dealer. There are several models available; our model CG2000 is rated at 2,000 pounds capacity and can slide out 70% of the length of the truck bed. There are models that can slide out 100% of the length of the truck bed too, and they’re rated to the same 2,000 pound capacity. Note that this weight rating is for the bed in the fully extended position. As an added bonus, our model includes a channel with a removable cover that even allows us to hitch up our gooseneck trailer and even slide the bed out with the gooseneck attached. We got the optional height extension side rails to compliment the standard full length adjustable track-style tie down points.