Mopar Mavens Meet and Mingle

Although it is one of the largest Mopar-only swap meets, the Indy Cylinder Heads tradeshow show also displays some new cars and trucks, as shown by the new trucks behind this tricked-out Viper. The guy walking behind the Viper is new Indy Cylinder Head shop manager and race promoter, Josh King.

For Mopar enthusiasts the annual Indy Cylinder Head tradeshow and swap meet in Indianapolis every March is a chance to come in out of the cold, check out the newest Mopar parts, maybe sell some stuff that has been cluttering up the garage, and get ready for the racing season.
This year’s show was special in that not only did it showcase a lot of trick Mopar parts and cars but the was also the opportunity to meet and talk to four members of the Ramchargers elite car club.

The show is located in a cavernous building on the Indiana State Fairgrounds and it was packed with the Mopar faithful both days this early March.

A Mopar woody wagon?

We always believed that Detroit quit putting wood on cars in the very early 1950s but this ’79 LeBaron “woody” station wagon proves that isn’t the case. Although the panels are some kind of plastic film on metal, the various rails are actually made of processed wood. We checked our sources and evidently the wood trim was an actual option. This low-mileage wagon with a small block was there for sale.