2013 SEMA – A Whole Lot o’ Shaking Going On!

2013 SEMA Show
At this year’s annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) at the Las Vegas Convention Center the biggest news is that the aftermarket industry and the economy appear to be recovering. The show had over 126,000 attendees making it the largest SEMA show in history. And those attending had plenty to see, 2,381 companies exhibited at this year’s show.

One of the big highlights for us each year is the Mopar press conference which occurred on the first day of the show at…wait for it…4:40 PM. Big news included the return of the Scat Pack and the Shaker hood.

Coolest media kit of the SEMA show was this Mopar oil bottle. Unscrew the cap and open the “bottle” and inside is a Mopar notepad, Mopar jeweler’s screwdriver (the various tips are in the body of the blue pen like device), a Mopar pen that extends to full length and of course the actual press materials on a Mopar flash drive. You can have ours when you pry it from our cold, dead fingers.