Fast Focus is a new department for MoparMax magazine centered on drag racing.  Each edition will showcase snapshots of cutting edge, top achieving or just plain high on the cool meter Mopar-branded machinery.

Retro Roadrunner – Baltimore’s John Leach has been a long time Mopar Sportsman enthusiast who has campaigned a series of Chrysler cars over some 33 years.  Arguably however, his current machine, a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner, is gathering the most fan attention.  The car is an original A12 package that features a factory provided lift off fiberglass hood and 440 six-pack engine program.  Capable of 10.3 secs at 125+ mph in C/SA trim, the classic machine has a very slick era correct lace and leaf work paint scheme that was expertly applied by Mark Drummer.  When not out drag racing Leach is the owner/operator of a motorcycle dealership (Pete’s Cycle Co.)

The “000” Car – Louisiana’s Jeff Teuton (Southland Dodge/Chrysler) is operating one of the most monitored Dragpak cars out there – the first actual 2012 V-10 model to come off Chrysler’s assembly line (#000).  Teuton’s employee and highly reputed Sportsman drag racer Kevin Helms, has been pegged as that car’s designated driver this season.  Together, the duo remain hard at work on the development front on behalf of Mopar (the car remains under Chrysler ownership).  Capable of 9.5 second elapsed times this Dragpak was built specifically for Stock eliminator, but interestingly has recently been run as a Super Stocker because of an experimental 3-speed transmission which by NHRA rules is currently not legal for Stock.  Overall a very cool “field laboratory” for racing fans to monitor closely.

Very Different to Say The Least! – Mopar drag racing innovation varies but it’s pretty safe to say that this one is on the outer edges.   West Virginia-based Alan O’Brien’s (no relation to O’Brien Brothers) Top Dragster racing program is truly a one-and-only.  His purpose built 270 RaceTech chassis dragster is powered by non other then a 481 CID twin-turbocharged “AMC” motor.  With that, O’Brien is carrying forward a long time AMC/Mopar family tradition that started with his father (Bill) who raced AMC Super Stockers back in the day.  Alan refuses to venture a guess at the horsepower his machine makes but his best time of 6.08 secs at 237+ mph speaks for itself.     

End of an Era? – Say it isn’t so! Buzz from within the ADRL’s Extreme Pro Stock circuit has the real possibility for retirement of that categories only competitive Mountain-motored Mopar Pro Stock car at season’s end 2012.  Brother’s Wayne and Larry O’Brien (from Windsor Ontario) have announced plans to liquidate their Dodge Avenger Pro Stock operation which will create a huge void in the class for the brand.
The O’Brien car is a truly technological marvel machine featuring a self fabricated and totally unique Hemi engine program done in-house at Larry’s Bears Performance Company.  The O’Brien’s have for years raced (simply put) the world’s fastest Mopar Pro Stock cars.