The 1970 R/T Challenger

Alright, so strictly speaking there haven’t been 40 years of Challengers. With the lapse in production from 1974-1978 and again 1984-2005 (plus the inglorious Mitsubishi period from 1978-1984), we’re really celebrating the 40th anniversary of the introduction of one of our favorite muscle cars. We wish there had been more model years, but at least the Challenger is back. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

When the Dodge Challenger first entered in the muscle car ranks of Detroit’s Big Three, it arrived with something its competitors didn’t have: the greatest range of powertrain choices in the industry, from the small but durable 225-cubic-inch “Slant Six” to the fearsome “Elephant Motor” — the 426 HEMI®. With the best muscle-car powertrains in the business, Dodge Challenger has added, and continues to add, to its rich legacy, creating one of the most storied nameplates in automotive history.