The Allard Chrysler dragster and trophy at Beaulieu.  (copyright ACAG)

PROJECT 1320 and the Allard Chrysler Action Group (ACAG) of Great Britain have established an alliance to help restore Europe’s first dragster, the 50-year-old Allard-Chrysler, currently residing at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire in southern England.

In addition to assisting the effort to restore the classic car, built by the famed British automaker and industrialist, Sydney Allard, and being managed by the ACAG; there is an effort underway to develop an exchange in 2011 between the National Motor Museum and the NHRA Wally Parks Museum of the Allard-Chrysler and the famed Mooneyes dragster, which is also celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2010.

The history of the Allard-Chrysler and Mooneyes

The two cars have a shared history, as Sydney Allard and Dean Moon established a friendship during the construction of the Allard-Chrysler (which was born when Allard saw a feature story about Chris Karamesines’s then-new “Chizler” dragster in the pages of a 1960 HOT ROD magazine). Allard’s car was completed in 1961 and ran at many UK sprint meetings during the next three years.

It was the only dragster in Europe until 1962. Dean Moon “challenged” Allard to a series of races between the two cars in Great Britain in 1963. The Allard, driven by Sydney Allard himself, ran against the Moonbeam dragster, powered by a blown small block Chevy on gas and driven by Dante Duce.