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Surf City, Here We Come!

Surf City Garage Tour

Down in Huntington Beach, California there’s a Muscle Car refuge sitting in a quiet industrial complex.  When you get inside you’ll find one of the coolest collections of restored Mopars, GM muscle and some classic Mustangs owned by Southern California builder Tim Miller, founder of Surf City Garage. 

The difference between this “garage” and a museum is that these classics are driven often and hard, not just set behind security ropes for all of us gearheads to gawk at a distance.  Miller’s crew hauls many of them in an enclosed eighteen-wheeler to car shows to display and sell his car care products as well as driving them on a regular basis.

Through a friend we got a chance to walk through Surf City Garage.  Besides a fine collection of hot rods there’s a great collection of vintage gasoline, motel, soft drink advertising and automotive signage from a time long ago and some once popular neighborhood fuel sellers you may never have heard of, swallowed up in various corporate mergers. 

In this tour we’ll concentrate on Tim’s Mopar Alley at Surf City Garage with some very special Chrysler drivers, many of which were restored on the premises, but some of these beauties have been left as-is to drive.