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Check out Part One here.

Last month we toured Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona and sampled a few of the many sweet Plymouths on hand. This month let’s return for a look at some of the assorted of Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars and light trucks awaiting your attention. From small parts to complete cars, everything you see here is for sale – not to mention hundreds of other Mopars (and loads of Brand X machinery) we don’t have room to show you here.

1956 DeSoto Firedome

When this Firedome Seville hardtop coupe was built in 1956, DeSoto sales were holding steady – despite an industry wide downturn - and the division was ranked number 11 in Detroit. But within five years, the marque was gone, the victim of treading too heavily on the lower two-thirds of the Chrysler division’s product lineup. Still wearing its original California black license plate, we’ll guess this one will be sold intact – rather than parted out. Lots of newbies assume Cadillac launched the Seville nameplate in 1976, DeSoto had it first.

Missing the original radiator and fan, the 1956-only 330 cubic inch, 230-horsepower FireDome Hemi is otherwise intact. We still marvel at how Chrysler corporation tooled up three distinct Hemi engine families in the fifties. The Chrysler FirePower was the big guy, the Dodge RedRam was the little one and the DeSoto FireDome was the mid-sized one. They may look similar, but very few major parts are interchangeable.