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Wayne Co. Returns!

ike Sullivan of Wayne County Speed Shop, a World Champ Pro Stock driver and generally a famous Mopar team owner, is restoring one of the cars Wayne Co. won the 1994 NHRA Pro Stock World Championship with. How he and Dave Hutchins came to have the car is a story in itself. The car was originally built by St. Louis racecar builder and racer Jerry Haas for the factory Mopar team and driver Darrell Alderman in 1992.

After the team was done with the car it was sold to a party that owned the Orlando, Florida, Race Rock restaurant and tourist attraction. It was in the rafters of that club on display for almost 15 years until last year when the property was sold and the restaurant was demolished.

The owners called Mike Sullivan and asked if he was interested in the car. At that time it was basically just a shell of a car with no motor or trans. Mike was interested, and he and Hutchens acquired the car.

“It was attached to the wall near an AC outlet and let me tell you the car was just full of s**t when we got it. It was a serious job just to get it cleaned,” Sullivan recalls.

Once they got it cleaned up they started on the process of restoring the car to its 1994 livery. In ‘94 Sullivan and crew were having a cylinder head specialist by the name of Al Neal working on the heads and intake, and at the time they built and kept a 500-inch Pro Stock mule motor similar to what they used on race days at a dyno shop for testing. When Mike again took possession of the Daytona he called the dyno shop and, sure enough, the engine was still there. Mike was able to retrieve that motor, and with drive train parts that were lying around the Fairfield, Illinois, shop that came off of the original cars, the pair are in the process of restoring the Daytona to “as raced” condition inside and out. 

Once the restoration is completed their plans are to take the car to one of the premier car auctions such as Barrett-Jackson over the winter and sell it to the highest bidder. The line forms at the right.

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