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Bob Mosher’s name is well known to most Mopar fans as the builder of some of the best Max Wedge and Race Hemi Super Stock clones on the planet. While Bob’s shop, Mosher Muscle Car Motors, also handles restorations of documented factory race package cars – he’s doing an original ’68 Hemi Dart at present – the 1962 through 1965 clone cars are his stock in trade – so to speak.

Now in his early sixties, Bob was first exposed to Mopars as a kid. Bob’s dad Robert Mosher was a Hollywood TV studio executive whose producer credits include The Munsters and Leave It to Beaver. In fact, many of the Beav’s exploits were based on things Bob did as a kid. Because Chrysler was the vehicle sponsor for the show, Bob’s dad got a series of loaner Mopars for his personal use during the popular program’s many seasons on the air. It was this early exposure to the far out lines of these Exner and Egbert-styled Mopars that planted the seed in Bob’s young mind.

But when he started hitting the drag strips near his Los Angeles home in the mid-sixties he saw right away how the then-new Max Wedges and Race Hemis were head and shoulders above the competition. Though he spent most of the sixties driving VW bugs and busses, by the mid seventies Bob rediscovered his interest in 1962-1965 Mopar B-bodies – especially those of the cross-ram variety.

At first Bob was just building super stock themed cars for his own personal enjoyment. Some were original factory built cars, while others were assembled from Slant Six and base V8 models with added Max Wedge goodies that Bob scored at the swap meet. But when he discovered there were lots of like-minded people who also appreciated the austere less-is-more nature of these machines, Mosher Muscle Car Motors was born nearly thirty years ago.

Since then Bob has built nearly a hundred top-notch creations for customers all over the country – as well as a bunch for himself. We recently spent a day poking around Bob’s California shop and present here a few of the many cool things we saw. While Bob loves to talk Mopars with fellow fanatics at car shows, his shop keeps him very busy and he frowns on social calls so please don’t just barge in. But if you want a modern day replica of a cross-rammed Mopar, and don’t mind waiting a while – Bob has a five year customer waiting list – give Mosher’s a call and make your dreams reality.

While Moshers is best known for big orange engines with cross ram induction, this pair of single-quad big blocks shows a soft spot for the street side. The one on the hoist is a mildly hopped 383 that’s headed for a ’66 Coronet two-door post, the 413 on the engine stand is destined for a ’62 Dart. Its Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads, Performer 440 intake and Milodon oil pan hide under a coat of correct turquoise paint. Subtlety is a key ingredient with every Mosher creation.

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