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When you ask former bike and dragster racer Chase Knight why he is still driving the 1973 Dodge Charger he ordered in 1972 and took delivery of in ’73, why he has had the same car for so long, his instant answer is “I haven’t seen another one I like better!”

Knight, product manager at Crane Cams, must really like his custom ordered Charger. He’s driven it to and from his job every day, uses it to go to the grocery store, take his wife out to dinner, and everything a gearhead does with his car except race it. It has been his daily driver for 35 years and he plans to keep driving it for a few more until the odometer on this classic Dodge rolls over to the 500,000 mark.

The story of the nearly half-million-mile Charger is unusual in many respects.

Here is the wide grinning grill of the '73 Charger. As you can see from the car club plate inset, Chase is an old school hot-rodder.