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s a race fan you may not know the name Conrad G. Dahl. He raced an alcohol flopper for many years and finished up his career with the IHRA. As a real gear head you are probably more familiar with the name of the ex-funny car shoe’s company, Victory Performance, than his given name.

Now we usually don’t do “shop tours” but on a recent trip to Mooresville, SC, to visit with my old friend Jim Oddy I went to dinner with Mr. Dahl and he plied me with Mexican food and cheap Tequila. Since, as you can see from his photo he is, like the Burkster, a man of average size and build and since for the last 15 years or so he has been one of the main suppliers of titanium valves for professional racers of all types, I decided we’d offer our readers a shop tour to see how you liked it.

Conrad and his crew kindly showed us around the shop and explained the manufacturing process. We’re impressed with his facility and that everything in the process required to build a valve from the raw forging to the finish work is done in one location by Conrad, his wife Maggie, son Derek, daughter Katie and the rest of the 14 or so employees. So here you go, dear readers.

Ya gotta love that address!

The first thing we noticed was that the shop was ultra clean and organized. That always makes me feel better about doing business with someone.

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