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ome years ago I was at Bristol before it was remodeled and reintroduced to the NHRA drag racing world as one of Mr. Bruton Smith’s “speed palaces.” In those days Larry Carrier was the boss of the IHRA and R.J. Reynolds was still a driving force in IHRA drag racing, and that sanctioning body was giving the NHRA a run for their money.

Anyway, the always luscious and lovely Linda Vaughn was in attendance representing the Hurst Company. Before the Sunday racing began they had the pre-race parade and as part of that parade this Chrysler 300 convert covered with Hurst livery made a nice slow pass down the quarter-mile with Linda perched on the back of the seat. I’ve never heard a louder ovation.

She loves the racing people and they love her. Check out the stands. Full on Sunday! They probably heard that Linda was going to make a lap in a Chrysler convertable and couldn’t wait to buy a ticket! I know I enjoyed watching Linda and that big boat of a Chrysler.