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My Mopars

Known by all as "The Duster"

Not a trailer queen by any means. Prostreet, Race or Show. It’s an original H-code 340 / 4 speed car that has been completely redone top to bottom. This story started in 1989 when the 1970 Duster was purchased and ran almost stock until 1992 laying down mid 11's in street trim. From then until 1996 the Duster received its transformation.

    • The color is Q-code electric blue with purple, yellow, and magenta graphics all under six coats of urethane clear.

    • The car is all steel with fiberglass bumpers and hood. Everything works including windows, all lights and turn signals.

    • The motor is a 393 cubic inch small block with aluminum heads by Joey Arrington (builder of NASCAR Truck Motors). MSD 7al 2 ignition with 2 step and custom made sheet metal Moroso valve covers.

    • Manual transmission is a Liberty five speed that gets shifter at 7500 RPM and a Lakewood steel bell housing to keep thing safe.

    • 11 inch adjustable long style clutch with 7lb aluminum flywheel.

    • Shifter is a Long with V-gate and line lock.

    • Mark Williams drive shaft.

    • Rear suspension is a 3-link with 12 way double adjustable coilovers.

    • 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes with full AlterKtion front end conversion.

This car is a true street killer, and has gone as fast as 9.72 at 140.260 with mufflers. No juice, bottles, or blower here; this is on the motor!

Jason Heintz, the brother in law of Emilio Giano
North Haven, CT

This is my 1968 Barracuda. I purchased this car at a swap meet in 1986. It was just a roller chassis, quite a mess. It had Direct Correction painted on the doors and was fitted for a big block Chevy. I took it home and proceeded to make it into my car of today with a lot of help from people like Sheldon Gecker, Kenny Youngblood, and dozens of friends and family along the way. This car competed on Pinks All Out TV show this year and was a crowd favorite.

We race mostly NHRA Super Street because the car weighs 2900 lbs. Billy Dillander drives my car for me as I am in a wheelchair with spinal bifida. He has won 3 NHRA Division Super Street races and a few Arizona Super Street Association races, and is currently in 5th place in Super Street Division 7.

The car was painted by Kenny Youngblood a year ago. It is candy purple with silver and has Youngblood graphics including his patented painted-on chrome strip. Interior has a leather Corbeau race seat, RJS belts and window net, Deadenbear command center, Painless wiring, and Auto Meter tach, gauges, etc.

Chris Shedd & Billy Dillander

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