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If you’re like us, one of your favorite things is scouring wrecking yards for old Mopars. While most high volume wrecking yards are more geared to late model machinery and vintage pickings are slim, there are still plenty of old yards filled with amazing time capsules. In the wilds of Massachusetts, we recently discovered two salvage operations, Curboy’s Auto Wrecking (Sturbridge, MA) and Stevens Auto Wrecking (Charlton, MA) and their treasure troves of classic Mopar tin.

Sure, most of the cars are so badly rusted

Above: One of 48,549 Road Runner RM23 hardtops built in 1969, this one was a 383 4-speed car. It appears to have suffered a major interior fire before being parked in this spot, decades ago. The die cast hood insert on the passenger side still wears its 383 emblem but there’s little else left on this one worth saving.

they’d likely break apart if you nudged them one foot, but virtually every single hulk still contains at least one useful part that could move another Mopar closer to restoration. But before you go out in search of something you see in this roundup, know that both Stevens and Curboy’s are closing their doors for good soon and have begun crushing…everything. We know, the news broke out hearts too, but at the very least, these photographs serve to preserve the memory of these great relics for all to see, even after the cars themselves have been crushed.


Two door sedans are usually built in far lower numbers than their hardtop counterparts. Case in point is this one-of-7,063 built RL21 ’69 Belvedere sedan. By contrast, 38,323 RH23 Satellite hardtops were built the same year. Though some people dig the look of a pillar-less hardtop, we prefer the less-is-more looks of the sedan’s B-pillar. This one was a 318, but we’d do it up as a non-Road Runner Street Hemi what-if.

Ravaged by rust and a careless bulldozer operator, this ’69 Coronet 440 packs a 318 and 904 Torqueflite. With over 203,400 built, the mid-size Coronet model accounted for 33.4-percent of total Dodge Division sales for 1969.

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