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My Mopars

Each month Mopar Max is going to feature four of our readers cars. We’ll pick the three that appeal to the staff and put the pictures and a short note up about each one. Here are the first three we picked. If you want to see your Mopar here send us some photos and a brief description. We are looking for rare and unusual cars but as long as they are Mopar related and branded we will take them. Keep 'em coming. Your  five minutes of fame begins now.

I own a 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger. I did all the work, except for trans. overhaul, final body work and paint.

I have raced the car for three years now. Last year was the first with the fuel injection. It was a lot of work to get it working, but man was it worth it. I’ll never go back to a carb. I did really well last year, coming in 5th place in Mod ET (out of about 50 cars). With the carb the best I managed was 15th! So far the car has run a best of 10.34 @ 129 with 1.43 60ft.. This year I should be in the nines as the convertor, cam and rear suspension are new.

I am a Mechanic at a small Chrysler dealership. I have been working on this car for about 10 years. The project all started when I saw an add in the classifieds for a set of headers for a “Bigblock Dart.” I bought the headers then started looking for a suitable car. My brother-in-law had an old Dart and needed reliable transportation, so I traded him a 1978 Omni for his Swinger. (I think he still regrets it!) This car is actually in my wife’s name. Teresa was meant to be the main driver but is still getting the hang of driving it.

My car is a 1973 Charger, .30 over 440, balanced and blue printed.  Ported and polished heads, Two Edelbrock 600 cfm carbs, sitting on an Edelbrock manifold. Cope Racing prepared 727, with a forward manual valve body, kicked with a B&M shifter. 489 rear with 410 gears and an Auburn sure grip. Hedman headers, blowing out though two Purple Horneys. Rig is in epoxy primer.  Not a pretty girl, but a nasty, rude, loud street thumper.

Tony D. aka Crazy

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