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My Mopar

Each month Mopar Max is going to feature four of our readers cars. We’ll pick the three that appeal to the staff and put the pictures and a short note up about each one. Here are the first three we picked. If you want to see your Mopar here send us some photos and a brief description. We are looking for rare and unusual cars but as long as they are Mopar related and branded we will take them. Keep 'em coming and congrats to the first four car owners your  five minutes of fame begins now.

My Mopar is a 1966 dart wagon sporting a 472'  "B" motor, reversed pattern 727 and 4:57s in the rear it runs in the mid to high 11s, I have been known to haunt Fontana from time to time. I have owned this beast for over 26 years, I'm the second owner of it.

Jim Power

The car is a 1969 1/2 Plymouth Roadrunner with the 440+6 Engine. It's a M-code car, owned it since 1990. I was into the show scene early on but got hooked on racing and been at it ever since 1996. Car is original 4-speed, put in a 727 for bracket duty. Car is stock less headers, floor shifter and slicks. Original 4:10 Dana 60 rear. Bench seat, manual steering, power brakes. Street legal but pretty much only raced at the track now.
I race generally at Pittsburgh Raceway Park foot braking in the modified class, best performance to date 11.57 ET at 115 MPH with 1.62 60ft. I got my first eliminator win last year at Beaver Springs Dragway in central PA.

Enjoy your articles in MoparMax, especially the footbrake one. I can relate to running all these cars with transbrakes, doesn't seem fair, but it is fun if you beat them.

David White
Murrysville, PA

This is a 1968 Dodge Dart Swinger I bought from Southern Motors in Pontiac, Michigan while I was living there in 2001. It came with me to Southern California in 2003 and then back to Michigan in 2005 till present. It runs nicely on the street and gives a decent account of itself on the dragstrip running in the 11.65 - .70 range at the strip. It has a 360 block with 340 Xheads and a 628 lift solid cam, 727 tranny with a brake, as well as a 456 ladder bar rearend. The mini tub allows for the running of 11.5" slicks and the easy drop 2.5 inch exhaust puts it into race trim fairly quickly. The roll bar and the wheelie bars (added at Phil Mandellos shop in California) are the only indicators of this street car's drag strip endeavors. Be it cruising Woodward in Michigan or Show and Go in Riverside California this car is as comfortable on the street as it is on the Fontana or Milan dragstrips. This car (other then the wheelie bars) has not been touched since it came off the dealer's lot. Extreme Fun (with a capital F).

Bob Czilok
South Lyon, MI

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