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Whether ‘Cuda or Barracuda, there is no doubt that the styling of the 1970-1974 Plymouth E-Body was unique. Now found at the very top of the price structure for street-built musclecars of any manufacturer, the real ones are also financially out of reach for most of us. David Cogdill of Knoxville, Tenn., is not rich nor famous, except on those nights when he wheels this Mopar monster out onto the byways of the Volunteer State.
The car seen here was not a true ‘cuda in the year of its creation, 1970. Like thousands of others, it was a Barracuda that came with a simple 318 (two barrel, of course) and basic standard V8 driveline equipment. When Cogdill, whose “real job” is supervising the concrete restoration of buildings and parking garages, found it for sale in a local auto trader magazine several years ago, it was already partially on its way to restoration. Still 318-powered with orange paint and about 75% of the overall rebuild finished, it took $10,000 to put it into his garage  even back then.

Seen in traffic not far from Hensley Performance, Dave Cogdill’s ‘cuda would make anyone nervous in the rear view mirror. All business…

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