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You know there had to be some place like this left in the world, right -- a classic Mopar salvage yard filled to the brim with E, B and A-body muscle cars. Fact is, this private salvage yard has been around for some time feeding parts to southern California-based Mopar muscle car fans looking for not only complete cars, but parts that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Rust-free California cars baking in the desert sun.

Darryl (last name withheld) specializes in E-body cars but has been tapped often for other Mopar components on a regular basis by a number of movie companies. His biggest order came prior to the filming of Dukes of Hazzard when he had a request for Dodge Charger cars and parts. After cutting the deal, the film folks backed up the truck and took just about every Charger part Darryl had. Not to fear, since that time he has replenished much of his stock.
While the Mopar salvage yard has a host of sheet metal and full-bodied cars, Darryl also has a number of engines stashed away in a storage building, both those needing rebuilds and complete ready to install powerplants. But it is the rust-free cars that make this place a treasured memory not forgotten by those who walk through the acres of classic Mopars. Looking for that small part you just can find anywhere else? Give Darryl a call at (760) 963-7809 – he probably has what you need.

Need parts? Just a few of his more collectible components

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