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Are you ready for the Holy Grail of factory funny car literature? Hang onto your magnesium TorqThrusts! For the very first time since it was written over four decades ago, MoparMax brings you an exclusive look at the fabled Chrysler Technical Report No. 4208.7. Issued by the Chrysler Engineering Division on January 12, 1965, this 10-page report is a summary of work performed in an eight week time frame between October 10 and December 15, 1964. It includes 20 photographs depicting a partially assembled (no external sheetmetal) Plymouth B-Body body-in-white on a surface plate deep within the Highland Park engineering center as its wheelbase goes from stock to FX with a 10/15-inch front/rear wheelbase shift.

Though too vague to serve as an actual step-by-step instruction manual for would-be privateer (non-factory backed) altered wheelbase builders, the existence of this document stands as a fascinating monument to Chrysler’s devotion to drag racing success. Of course the irony is that the resulting fleet of 12 altered wheelbase 1965 Dodges and Plymouths were immediately outlawed for Factory Experimental competition by the NHRA. But by then, the cat was out of the bag as more and more Hemi racers were drawn to Southern-style run-what-ya-brung exhibition match racing - rather than the hands-tied NHRA strategy – and the match race funny car was born. And it all started right here! Check it out!

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