Words by Ro McGonegal
Photos by Ro McGonegal and Terry Ward

My wife, Terry, and I showed up at Don Garlits’ drag racing museum on Saturday for the Nov. 4-5 open house. Wrong. It was loaded with cars and people and sweet air and kids and even a breath of the old days, but Sunday’s when they do the actual judging. So you’ll please forgive my addled, no-account butt if I promise to get it right next year?

Official event poster, as hosted by T.C. Lemmons, Big’s confidant and right arm for more than 40 years.

Here’s moment or two.                       

Sixties and ‘70s dominated. Yes, that’s a Cracker Barrel sign in the background.

The late-model Hemi got more play at Big Daddy’s than any other configuration. People are crazier for them now than they were in the day. Pure charisma. MP cross ram (introduced 5-6 years ago) is scorned by most Hemi devotees in favor of the original magnesium casting. Yes, Steve Magnante told me that.

A “local” brought his suede car and lukewarm tips on some others.