For years, there was a rumor that Chrysler may have built a few 1970 Charger Daytonas. The main push for this was the multi-page Dodge ad that ran in the October 1969 issue of Hot Rod magazine on the 1970 models, one which was a Daytona, and the other was a handful of photos that have surfaced over the years purporting to show such a beast. In the recent past, most of these scenarios have been laid to rest as either replicas built at a later date or out-and-out fabrications.

One of the more persistent rumors had to do with a very custom-appearing 1970 Dodge Daytona that showed up in photos taken at Chrysler’s Highland Park facility in February of 1970. It was conjectured, based on a handwritten inscription, that this machine had been created for Bob McCurry, who was part of Chrysler’s Race Engineering group and had spearheaded the wing car development program (shown these images, however, McCurry had no recall of even seeing this car, let alone owning it). Painted green with custom graphics and a tubular front bumper, the images gave hope that there may have been a 1970 show car prototype built even if no more cars went together at Creative Industries, the subcontractor who had built the 1969 versions.