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(ay'-body) the smallest of sixties and seventies rear-drive Mopar platforms. 1964 to 1969 Barracuda. 1964-1976 Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. Every Duster and every Duster derivative.

American Motors Corporation

(ay'-em-see) the defunct maker of the Pacer, Javelin and the Gremlin, now considered Mopar. Also see Mitsubishi.


(bee-body) the letter designation for the "intermediate" platform. Larger than the A-body, but not quite as mammoth as the C-body. Coronet, Satellite, Road Runner, Charger, GTX, Belvedere, Super Bee, '76-‘78 Fury, '77-‘78 Monaco, '78-‘79 Magnum, and Cordoba. That's right – Ricardo Montalban hawked B-bodies.

bank account

(bangk a-kount') a place to cash paychecks to buy old Chrysler products.


(bat'-er-ee) the combination of Fords, Chevies, Toyotas, auto parts stores and charging devices needed to start a fusty old Mopar on any given day.

big block

(beeg blawk) a 361-440 C.I. engine, way too much for the tired old luxury cruiser, RV, or station wagon it came from, down right terrifying in the hacked up Duster or Dart it ends up in. Produced until 1978.

boat anchor

(bowt-aynk-or) any engine that's been sitting around the garage, shop, or yard long enough to become a solid chunk of rust. See also poly head.


(see-body) with the exception of the ‘62-‘66 Imperial, "C" was the largest body designation in Mopardom, These monsters were the flagships of the fleet, upon which were bestowed the honorable names of Fury, Imperial, Polara, and Monaco. Also see D-Body.

car wash

(kar wawsh) one or more cans of black spray paint.

charging system

(charj'-ing sis-tam) a credit card and/or an account at the auto parts store.


(led-sled) the designation of the mighty 62-66 Imperial.

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