Classic or late model, you’ll find it at MATS.

One of those big upgrades was our new Arrington Performance 426 Magnuson supercharged engine. Stepping up to 900+ crank horsepower is a serious move. While the car was in their Martinsville, Virginia shop they installed our new Westminster Performance Transmission TH400 race trans. Arrington really came through for us in the clutch and we’re more than grateful.

And here’s our point. Arrington Performance not only sponsored the event this year, they also sponsored our prime class, the New HEMI Challenge. And they decided to come on out to the event and vendor next to us on the midway. We actually love spending time with the Arrington folks, they’re knowledgeable as all get out about late model HEMIs and they love life and love to have fun. We can tell you that the entire weekend, down on our end of the midway where we took up 60 feet of booth space, there was hardly a moment that wasn’t filled with laughter and good times.

We really enjoy talking to people when we’re in our booth/pit. We get to catch up with people we only see once every year at this event, as well as friends that we see all of the time. So many folks just glad to be there and having fun. And then we hear our call to the lanes and we’re off.

This year, the car had a lot of teething problems. Long days were spent ahead of the weekend working on the car, right up to race day Sunday we were sorting it out. But come Sunday, it was Funday for us. We made it to the finals in the New HEMI Challenge class again, only this time we closed the deal and turned that last win light on. And this time we got to celebrate with our friends from Arrington who helped us get there in the first place. We also did pretty well all the way around; we won rounds one, two and three in all three classes we entered, a personal best for us.

One of our staffers was able to walk around and photograph and chat with people elsewhere on the property. We enjoyed having the party come to us on the midway. It’s hard to convey the atmosphere of MATS, it’s just special, very friendly, very fun oriented. The weather was just perfect all weekend, temperatures in the mid-70s, lots of sunshine, the perfect antidote for a long winter. And so much to do, see and participate in. We thank Phil and Jill for the tremendous work they put in each year to present this very special event. And we hope to see you there next year. We swear, this year we’re just going to leave the car alone over the winter…