(Chris Schneider photo)

Mopar Nationals at Columbus, Ohio

Almost Heaven

With Chamber of Commerce weather, the Mopar Nationals had a great weekend Aug. 8-10 at National Trail Raceway. The grounds were dry and well groomed, the track was well prepared and maintained in great condition. For a racer, you couldn't ask for more; Friday and Saturday the racing went smoothly with very few oil-downs and no accidents.

As always, the swap meet was the heart of the Nationals. No matter what you like, there was probably at least one on the grounds to see from slant 6s to Hemis. (Chris Schneider photos)

Getting old sucks but I feel very lucky to have been a teenager when these old Mopars roomed the streets. It is great so many people take the time and money to restore these legendary cars, either to the original state or improve them with new technology.