Indy Cylinder Head Trade Show and Swap Meet 2014

Every year in March the Mopar faithful from all over the Midwest and East Coast gather at the venerable Indianapolis Fairgrounds for the Indy Cylinder Heads combination trade show and swap meet.

A Mopar fanatic attending this event can see and touch everything Mopar from the newest iteration of the iconic Viper to an original Crossram Hemi-equipped classic Chrysler 300 Coupe! It is also the place to buy that hard-to-find vintage NOS and performance parts. In fact, it is conceivable that someone could come to the Indy Cylinder Head show, buy a roller sans engine and drivetrain, and buy all of the parts and components necessary to build a nice Mopar on the spot and drive it home.

After attending this years event, we decided that the best way to show the Mopar Max readers what they missed was to show as many pics and people who attended the event this year and convince them Indianapolis was the place to visit the first days of March in 2015 when it is too cold to race or drive your drop top 300 around town. And it’s especially the place to be if you want to find that piece of NOS to complete your engine, car or wall hanging. Enjoy the tour.

Just as you come in the doors Josh King and his crew met you and dispensed tickets as well as advice like where are the best restaurants and drinkeries, and where the bathroom is. Missouri doorslammer racer Clay Kossuth’s just finished front-motored AFD was on display at the ticket counter.

At the Indy Cylinder Head display owner Russ Flagle and his crew bring in everything but the ICH shop’s kitchen sink to display and sell. They offer everything from brand mew mega cubic wedge headed Mopar engines to the rarest part for your Superbird Daytona.