Here is an overview of just the entrance to the event; the Finer Details shop run by Ken Mosier was set up in the foreground. The view shows a very small part of what the MCACN show looks like.

Mopars, Muscle, and Money Make MCACN Massive

The Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals, held on the weekend before Thanksgiving, has become the grand finale for many on the annual show car circuit; all indoors and primarily featuring cars shown via invitation, this 400,000 square foot extravaganza is one of the few that seems to overcome its descriptive adjectives. While it is a mixed-make show as the name implies, it has become one of the most important for Mopar collectors, restorers, and fans. You never know just what is around the next corner at MCACN.

Hosted at the Donald E. Stephens Convention in Rosemont, Ill., just minutes from O’Hare Airport, the 2014 event featured several significant displays. The 50th Anniversary of the 426 Hemi was one, as was the Class of 1964 and the Real Pace Cars section. Mopars of truly amazing original shape were in the Vintage Certified class, while those that had been neglected but rediscovered were in with the Barn Finds/Hidden Gems area.

Then there were a large number in the Color My World section sponsored by the Wellborn Muscle car Museum and G&L Guitars, who brought in a couple dozen instruments to be displayed with the classics. Sponsor Mecum Auctions had the $3.6 million Hemi ’cuda convertible on display plus a couple of others, including the 1971 sunroof Hemi Charger that will sell as part of Wellborn Collection auction in Kissimmee, Fla., in January.

So, when the event was all said and done, the two-day museum was closed too soon for many; not enough time to soak it all in, to enjoy the cars and friends, and to be amazed by the stories that accompanied many of the cars. For Mopar Max readers, we will be able to give you an idea about this event with space for just a few of the cars that were on hand. We recommend you get a plane ticket to come in for the 2015 running (Nov. 21-22) and prepare to be amazed.