WCHRA Mopar Friends and Champions

If you read this magazine regularly, you know that MoparMax isn’t like the other magazines. We don’t just drag race now and then or just go down the track to get numbers for an article. We race up to four series a year and compete tooth and nail for championships. Last year, Contributing Editor Alex “the Car Girl” Rogeo drove the official Team MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum to runner up in the 2012 PSCA Street Muscle championship with Editor Richard Kratz as crew chief. She made half of the finals in the races on the Pacific Street Car Association’s schedule in that class.

We also race NHRA Summit Series, nine races at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last year and we’ll be doing 12 this year. We know what it’s like to make the finals and win a race because we’ve been there. We also know how hard and grueling it is to win a championship—we haven’t done that yet, but we’ve been within one round of doing it. And we can tell you, it’s very hard to win a championship. There is no such thing as a weak series, no such thing as a weak race in a series. It’s hard enough to win a race, much less to go the rounds race after race squaring off against tough competitors that are just as determined to put you on the trailer as you are to do it to them.

One of our favorite series in which we race is the West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA). Promoter Tim Rigby is a great guy and just as addicted to drag racing as anyone that pays the fee to compete for points in his series. Alex was in the hunt for a championship through the first half of the series in 2012. Some mechanical issues proved too much to overcome at one point in the summer though and then due to a schedule conflict we had to miss the final race. So we have raced in this series first hand, have fought for round wins and experienced highs and lows in WCHRA.