Story and photos by Geoff Stunkard

The weekend before Thanksgiving continues to be an ever larger blip on the car show radar. Bob Ashton and his crew held their fifth Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., bringing together a multi-million dollar display of the best from Detroit’s glory days, plus a wide variety of modifieds, drag packages, historic personalities, and noted restorers. As Reliable Auto semi loads arrived from collections around the nation, it was evident this would again be one for the record books.

While MCACN is a mixed make show, Chrysler products continue to be a sizable portion every year. In 2013, this included a Road Runner Invitational, with cars ranging from early 1968 Hemi beasts to the Seventies. Mr. Norm Krause was honored with a special display of cars sold through the Grand- Spaulding franchise back in the day. There were Mopars in the Class of 1963, the Class of 1973, the Vintage Certified category, the Original Owners group and more. With the vehicles being shown on an all-invitational basis, to be able to display a car here is a big deal. Many are vehicles that rarely make public appearances. But for two days each November, the clock is turned back to the auto show glory of the past.

Here is a selection of photos from the event; make your plans to attend. The venue is just minutes from O’Hare Airport, with restaurants and food close by. Dates for 2014 will be Nov 21-22.