Larry Pelts does a burnout in his 1967 Dodge.

Victory NSS Series at Cedar Falls, Iowa

Mopar Max Nationals determines season champion

For the fifth year in a row, the Victory Nostalgia Super Stock Championship was undecided going into the final race of the season. You could feel the excitement in the air as 26 vintage Super Stockers lined up to do battle at Cedar Falls Raceway’s Mopar Max Nationals.

Dan Kuenster (far lane) got a holeshot win over Tim Frees.

When the dust had settled after qualifying, Tom Gaines held the coveted #1 position. This not only gave him a first round bye, he also received a classic NHRA jacket from Dennis Mothershed of Victory Performance Parts and $100 courtesy of Clay Kossuth and Sons LLC.

Going into the first round of eliminations, Tim Frees of Menasha, Wisc., had a slim one-round lead in the championship points race. Tim’s skill as a racer and his deadly consistent Wedge-powered ‘63 Plymouth Wagon made him the favorite to win the series. 

This was not to be his year though as he lost a tough first-round race to close friend and fellow Wisconsinite Dan Kuenster. Both cars ran within .01 of their index, but Dan’s slight reaction advantage gave him the win. This left the door open for Tom Hoffman to take the series points prize. Tom won his first round match against 2012 Series Champion Russ Berens, who turned on the dreaded red bulb in his lane.