Team MoparMax at MATS 2012

We had high hopes for Moparty at the Strip 2012. Due to the closure of our local tracks, Irwindale and Fontana, and a couple of rain outs, we had only two races under our belts. Contributing Editor and driver Alex Rogeo was chomping at the bit to hit the track and her crew chief, yours truly, was equally eager to race. We were very excited about having a second car on the team, Kevin and Jamie Shields gorgeous and wicked 2011 V10 Drag Pak Challenger. Granatelli Motor Sports was bringing the Drag Pak and our friends Lyle Larson and Dan Cragin had setup the car and Lyle was going to shake the car down and see what it had in it. We were proud to have the black beast flying the MoparMax colors on the door along with the GMS logo.

It was a strange event for Team MoparMax. Perhaps our first clue should have been the bill for breakfast as we set out for Las Vegas on Wednesday morning. Alex and I grabbed a bite at Jimmy Dean’s near the freeway and paid $13.13. Hmmm. We then noticed that MATS was officially starting on Friday the 13th.

MATS veered off on a tangent for us right off the bat. A serious accident in the pit on setup/test and tune day involving our friend JR Granatelli really took the wind out of our sails. We never got near the track on Thursday and didn’t even get our booth and pit setup. We went into Thursday night not knowing if JR was going to make it to the next day. Friday brought great news about JR and we started to feel a bit better. But we were way off our game and only got one aborted pass for the Magnum and none for the Drag Pak. Saturday wasn’t a good track day, it was very cold, damp and windy as all get out. The only good thing about Saturday was ever improving news about JR.

You know a lot about the MoparMax Maulin’ Magnum, but are probably wondering where the black Beast came from. The 2011 V10 Drag Pak is the most fun you could buy from Mopar that year or any year since about 1973. The non-street legal car is a turn key race car capable of nine second quarter miles right from the dealer. Yee haw!

Our new friends Kevin and Jamie got the car in early 2011. Kevin’s father, who passed away in 2008, was a sales manager for Chrysler-Dodge in their home state of Alaska. Kevin has fond memories of his dad bringing home Roadrunners and Challengers and Superbees. The Superbee was young Kevin’s favorite, the graphics made it especially appealing to a young boy. So as Kevin grew up and as his business also grew, he drove different Mopars. He still loves driving his V10 Viper engined SRT10 truck around for work and pleasure. He’s owned an SRT 300, and has an SRT Challenger.