Not your average Dyno Day

Photo courtesy of Adam Levelle

The West Coast staff and the Maulin’ Magnum were invited to DC Performance’s sixth annual dyno day in Los Angeles. It was not your ordinary dyno day. DC Performance is one of the premier Viper performance shops in the country. On any given day more than half a dozen street and track Vipers will be in the shop for service.

So needless to say, there were a lot of Vipers at dyno day. But lots of other cool cars too. Not one, but two 2011 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak cars. There were several super cars and a few nicely modded muscle cars too. But eating BBQ and walking around looking at cars isn’t the main attraction at this dyno day, standing inside listening to 1,000 horsepower beasts pull the dyno is what we’re talking about.

When was the last time you saw a dyno day where out of 22 cars on the dyno, 16 of them threw down more than 500 horsepower to the wheels? And eight of those were over 600 ponies? And finally, one daily driven Viper whose owner commutes to work in his car, laid down 856 horsepower to the rears. Now that’s venomous!

Thanks to Dan Cragin, Aaron Cohen, Tony Parr and Lyle Larson for inviting us out. If you’re in the LA area next year, check out the seventh annual dyno day, you’ll be glad you did.