Flashing Back

On a hot Friday in August (August 12 to be exact) in the middle of nowhere, was held a drag race, dubbed “THE GREAT RACE” by its promoter, “Beaver Bob” McCardle. Beaver Springs Dragway is located almost dead center in the great state of Pennsylvania.  Despite its relatively remote location the track has become a keystone for nostalgia drag racing on the East Coast.

On this special night of racing, Mopars dominated most of the class results, scoring wins in Nostalgia Super Stock, Junior Stock, Nostalgia ET, Street Stick and Bone Stock Truck. The final round in N-SS saw a pair of Mopar products make the call, and from Round 3 on, it was Mopar domination with the exception of two Chevys and a lone Ford.


The finals of the 38-car field in Nostalgia Super Stock was a Hemi match up with Brian Vollman wheeling Bob Roles `70 Challenger to the win over Ron McClelland's `66 Coronet. Brian won running out the least with 11.187 on a 11.20 at 117.35 mph to Bud's 9.777 on a 9.80 at 136.84. Ron was out on a great .031 light but ran out by .010 more. To his credit, Ron, was a crowd favorite with his wheels up launches every round. McClelland stopped Kevin Grasson's Bounty Hunter in the semi-finals. McClelland went 9.981 on a 9.80 dial-in for the win, coupled with a superior .022 reaction time. Grasson, meanwhile, went on to win the 422 All Star race in Saturday's Pack the track action with his Bounty Hunter Dodge Polara.