The 27th edition of the Mopars at the Park car show was in most attendees opinion the best in the history of the event. Unseasonably warm   temperatures in the 80s at the Dakota County Fairgrounds near Farmington, Minn., brought out record numbers of spectator and participants.  The Fairgrounds was packed with more than 1200 cars and vendors from all four corners of the USA. Add to that a large group of hero Mopar racers from the 1960s and ‘70s including Don Prudhomme and Roland Leong, a major swap meet and a car corral, and you have the formula for a very successful event.

Don Prudhome along with long time friend and drag racer Roland Leong led the celebrity list along with iconic photographer Steve Reyes, drivers:  Judy Lilly, Arlan Vanke, Herb McCandless, and Doc Hallady. The Midwest Mopars club also sponsored an attempt at a World Record for the most Dodge vehicles in a parade. The record of 250 was not surpassed with the 185 new Dodge Challengers that made the effort , but the  promise of another try for the record next year will surely bring out more new cars for the attempt to make the Guinness world record book.