16th Annual Indy Cylinder Head show delivers NOS, new and vintage Mopar stuff

Russ Flagle, owner of Indy Cylinder Head in Indianapolis, started this annual gathering of Mopar folks some 16 years ago as a place for them to buy, sell and trade new and used anything remotely connected to or related to Mopar engines, cars, or clubs.

Despite some rainy weather, that scenario carried on for the March 2011 show as the 150,000 square foot hall at the venerable Indianapolis Fairgrounds was filled with all things old and new that any Mopar fans could want or need from the newest, trickest high-performance parts to the rarest NOS pieces imaginable.

The first thing to greet fans coming in the front door to the hall was the car display by the Indy Mopar club. There was plenty of late-model Chrysler iron from the club members as well as some fast Mopar drag cars.

Since it was just too wet to race outside, the Indy Cylinder Head folks brought in this Port-a-tree and they staged a Reaction Time race each day with a large part of the proceeds going to charity.