Highlight: New Products at SEMA 2011

The 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show held some terrific news for Mopar fans. From the announcement that Jeg Coughlin Jr. is returning to Pro Stock racing in a Jegs/Mopar Dodge Avenger to new big power aluminum V8 and V10 crate engines to lots of cool products from aftermarket companies. Here a few that caught our eye.

MSD Atomic EFI

We were really taken with this new product from MSD. Even when optimized, carburetors have limits, running rough when cold, often having rich and lean spots in different rpm/load envelopes, etc. Aftermarket electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems are one solution. But converting to EFI often entails a snake’s nest of wiring and fuel lines, which really don’t look good on muscle cars, street rods and race cars.

MSD to the rescue. The Atomic EFI is handsome, looking at first glance like a standard two bowl four barrel carburetor. But instead, the “fuel bowls” are actually integral fuel rails and mounts for fuel injectors for each carb venturi. Even better, built into the side of the EFI throttle body is the ECU, and the TPS, MAP, IAT and fuel pressure sensors. The only external sensors needed are coolant temperature and O2 (the O2 sensor is even included).

Further, the Atomic EFI is designed for a single, returnless fuel line. No need to plumb and extra return line. MSD includes the fuel pump and line too. External to the throttle body is the included power controller and runs the fuel pump and up to two cooling fans. The included handheld controller allows you to set timing: total, initial and rate of advance. On sale January 2012.


New from Milodon is a big block Mopar road race oil pan. Milodon says it will fit all A, B and E body cars. Engineered for big blocks that require external pickups, at only 5.5 inches deep with a highly baffled center sump, internal 12AN pickup and seven quart capacity, big block Mopar fans who like to turn corners have a pan that should fit them to a “T”. Part number 31581.

Milodon also revealed a big block Mopar oil pump cover for applications with remote filter. Engineered from 6061 aluminum and said to provide maximum pump efficiency, it’s available for Hemi mounts or motor plate #21225 and stock wedge mounts #21235.

For small block fans, Milodon now has distributor drives with either steel or bronze gears. Both feature CNC machined, heat treated 4130 chrome moly shafts.

Nitrous Express

We wish this little number had been available when we install Project Maulin’ Magnum’s nitrous system. Nitrous Express showed off their new Hemi EFI plate system. Designed to bolt between the throttle body and the intake manifold, Nitrous Express rates this plate at 35-400 horsepower. Said to provide outstanding atomization, the plate provides a clean install and ensures that the nitrous shot is delivered in an optimal manner. No more drilling out of the intake tube, just bolt this plate in and hook up your lines. Part number 20944 fits all 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 Hemi engines. Look for more on this in a future MoparMax issue.