If there’s one thing to love about summer, it’s gotta be the car shows. Any gearhead will tell you that perusing a collection of street iron is a good way to spend the day any time of the year, but when the sun is out, the breeze is cool, and the food is free… Well, let’s just say that First Baptist Church of O’Fallon put on a pretty good imitation of a Mopar lover’s own personal Heaven.

The curch apparently has decided that the best way to get to Heaven is in a blaze of smoking tires, flashing chrome, and burning fuel, because for three years now they've held this car show. Admission is always free, as is entry (not to mention food and drinks), and the show has grown each year. There were over three hundred entrants this year, and they brought everything: rat rods, muscle cars both classic and modern, street cars, classic cars, imports, an entire bar's worth of bikes, even a drag boat!

While it’s true that Fords (especially Mustangs, which are incredibly popular in the area) outnumbered the Mopars, the faithful know that it’s quality, not quantity that counts.

And believe me, there was a great quantity of quality on display. Enjoy.