Words and photos by
Chris Haverly

What an experience the Mopar Nationals at Columbus is! All Mopars all of the time. I love Mopars, but there were times at the this Nationals that wondered if I and my companion shouldn’t have gone to nearby King’s Island amusement park or to a Reds baseball game instead of the Nats.

We got to the Nats around 9:30 AM Saturday morning, and by 1 PM that afternoon, despite the fact that DRO has requested credentials for me, I still didn't have a pass to get into the track, much less on the starting line of the dragstrip to shoot the races.

 Finally one of the  ladies working at the ticket window felt sorry for me and took me to the tower and got me and my friend wristbands which gave us access to the starting line. At this point I will say again, I still love the Mopar Nationals.

By now it’s around 1:45 PM! I finally got on the line and shot one round of Quick 16 and most of the Super Stockers and they were about to start the burnout contest. I felt relieved that I had some photos to send to my editor, Jeff Burk, but then the rains came and we were done racing for the day.

Rick Allison of Indy, a long time Mopar racer, had his Mopar Performance Daytona out and ran 7.70's in his 572 ci Indy cylinder head wedge-motor.