On a crisp and clear late summer afternoon at historic Kansas City Going into the event, the fifth and final race of the Midwest Super Stock Series, Kossuth trailed season-long points leader Jeff Frees by the significant margin of thirty points. The only way Kossuth
could pass Frees and win the first championship of his long racing career was to win the
race and hope that Frees didn’t go too deep into eliminations.

As it turned out there couldn’t have been much more drama than what the last race of the 2010 series delivered to racers and fans. The championship came down to the last pair of racers in the final round of the race. In order to win his first championship all Kossuth had to do was win the race. It was that simple; just get to and win his first Victory Performance Product N/SS series final round and the championship was his. If he lost the round, Jeff Frees would be champ.

The Championship round was a classic race featuring a pair of veteran drivers in a nearly identical ’63 Dodges. Kossuth, of Catawissa, MO, had the quicker and faster of the two cars. His wedge-powered ’63 was capable of nine-second/135+ mph laps. His opponent, Randy Spurgeon, also ran a ’63 Dodge with a wedge-head Mopar under the hood, but his was dialed nearly a second and a half slower than Kossuth.