Mosley’s Magnificent Mopars

In a 35-plus year career as a motorsports journalist I’ve seen some pretty impressive private and public collections. For Mopar fans Richard Petty’s collection is pretty nice, Don Garlits has more than a few nice Mopar race cars in his Museum and perhaps the pinnacle of all Mopar collections is the Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. But as far as a private collection goes, I have never seen anything better than what I saw a couple of weeks ago at Greg Mosley’s private “garage” in Illinois. 

Greg Mosley and his wife, Kathy, are genuine Mopar maniacs. They love them, drive them and collect them. And they are more than just collectors; these Mopar fans have built their own museum and filled it with Mopar cars and memorabilia just for the love of the brand.

They are friends with Scott Gardner, owner/operator of dragstrips in Cordova, Ill., and Eddyville and Cedar Falls, Iowa. When Garnder needed a place to hold a press conference prior to his tenth annual “Nostalgiafest” at Cordova Dragway Park, Mosley graciously offered his garage as a meeting place.  Mopar Max was invited to an exclusive tour.

There are many really cool cars in the collection. All of them are Mopars except for a single Dale Earnhardt Jr. “sig series” Camaro.

Part of the Mosley collection is an original Roland Leong “Hawaiian” Funny Car. During our visit Roland was on hand (he was part of the Nostalgiafest activities) and posed with the car. Driver Larry Reyes was also there when we got our tour. I would personally like to thank Greg and Kathy Mosley for opening up their “garage”.